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Acnezine Reviews - Home Acne TreatmentAcne is such a distressing skin condition that affects millions of people around the world. And it is not only teens who are afflicted with acne; it can strike anyone at any time. Even people in their 30s and 40s and beyond are not immune to acne breakouts.

For some people, constant acne is a part of life and many people come to accept that they may never be able to stop the breakouts from occurring, no matter what diet they try or which acne products are attempted.

Prescription acne medications and creams can often bring about such nasty side effects that they negate any benefits. Additionally, they are extremely costly in the long run and rarely treat the underlying causes of acne; favoring instead to try and cover the symptoms.

What is Acnezine?

The well known natural health and wellness company Revitol is the maker of Acnezine claim that it is able to clear your skin within just weeks. It is marketed as being different from other simple topical acne treatments, and instead can be considered as an entire skin care and management system.

It is designed for both teenagers and adults and focuses on all aspects of acne, from pimples and spots to whiteheads, blackheads and the general skin redness and inflammation that comes with acne.

The product consists of both pills and a cream, to combine both internal and external treatment and management of acne.

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How Does Acnezine Help People Clear Their Acne?

Acnezine is meant to work as an “entire skin care management system” rather than just a simple one step solution. The idea is to find the very source of what is causing your acne so that the acne itself can be healed, as well as stopping any future outbreaks from happening. This is different from the majority of acne products on the market that merely often just cover up the symptoms of acne temporarily, without addressing the bigger problem of future breakouts.

The ingredients in Acnezine are all natural. The active ingredient is Benzoyl Peroxide 5% and other gentle natural ingredients in the formula include organic aloe vera, citrus fruit extracts, bilberry extract, witch hazel, birch and other natural extracts that the company feels have a great benefit for not only acne, but for general skin health.

What Are People Saying About Acnezine?

There are a good number of positive stories out there about people’s experiences with Acnezine.

Acnezine Customer Review

More Customer Feedbacks

People like Marcelle for instance, note that her skin looks great after using Acnezine for only a few weeks.

Product arrived really fast. I am really impressed by this product, my skin already looks diferent and i have only been using it for a few weeks. This one is a keeper - Marcelle (user review from Amazon).

Parents who notice that their teens are suffering depression and anxiety for acne often become desperate. Diane is one such parent who truly wanted to do the best for her son, but did not want to go for some of the more heavily marketed and questionable acne products on the market. She notes that her son is seeing very food results from Acnezine cream and pills.

My son started using this about a month ago. His face and chest have cleared up really nice. It has reduced his acne ( which was bad) by 90 percent at least. Thought about getting proactive, but the reviews weren’t that great. Will definitely buy this product again. He uses the cream and takes the pills daily and it works – Diane (Acnezine user review from

People who have been suffering from incurable acne for years and decades often give up all hope. But thankfully, some such as B.B and Bengi, below, have turned their life and their confidence around by using Acnezine and seeing not only improvement in the appearance of the acne itself, but the old scars too.

It was unbelievable! After all these years, my acne has cleared up, and even the scars are starting to look better – B.B (customer review from official Acnezine website).

After 40 years of acne problems no prescription drugs or any other nature pills would help, now after 3 months of using Revitol acnezine kit I’m clear 98% I’m recommending this product 100% – Bengi (customer comment from

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Is There Anything Else You Should Know About Acnezine?

Revitol states that those who are pregnant should avoid using Acnezine. This is a standard caution and one that comes with virtually any health product. See your doctor if you are pregnant and are considering using Acnezine on your skin. Additionally, those taking prescription medications should also speak to their health professional before beginning Acnezine.

Buy Revitol Acnezine - Acne TreatmentWhere Can You Buy It?

Currently, there is a special offer running whereby you receive a free bottle of Acnezine if you order selected packages. More information is available from the official website, and this offer may not be available permanently.

The current pricing for Acnezine is $39,95 for a single month supply of the product. However money can be saved by ordering in larger quantities. For example, buying a two month supply for $79,95 gives you an extra month’s supply for free.

The best value offer currently is the 6 month supply whereby you only have to pay for three months $119,95 and get the remaining three for free. Those who are serious about using Acnezine as a longer term solution to get optimum results will appreciate the potential financial savings of ordering in bulk.

Acnezine Packages

Acnezine Packages

Does Acnezine Really Work?

Reading the various Acnezine reviews out there will provide great encouragement that Acnezine is bringing about real results for people, including those who have been suffering from acne for years or even decades.

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